Barrel Bourbon Single Barrel Bottled

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Barrel Bourbon Single Barrel Bottled

Batch 012 is a high rye bourbon comprised of 9-year-old barrels and selected older bourbon stocks, most of which were aged in the lower sections of the rick house. This gentler aging style makes Batch 012 a fruit-forward bourbon that shows its spice in the mid-palate, and its drawn out complexity in a long, layered finish.

  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
  • Distilled and aged for 9 Years
  • Crafted And Bottled In Kentucky
  • 122 Proof cask strength bottling  
  • Aged for 9 Years in white oak barrels
  • Mash bill: 70% corn, 25% rye, 5% malted barley 
  • Bottle #11
NOTE: the bottle show in the image is not the one we have on display the 
details of the bottle we currently have on display are
  • Barrel #012
  • Bottle #11
  • Age: 8yr 6m
  • Single Barrel Bottle
  • 122 Proof 61% Alc/Vol

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Great transaction.

route worked fine

After finishing a bottle of Jameson 18yr. old Limited Reserve I started my search to replenish the supply.........nowhere to be found anywhere around. Started a online search and found Liquor on Broadway. They had what I was searching for I had it in an amazing 2days. Back enjoying one of my favorites and have Liquor on Broadway to thank so ................Thank you

Rockhill Farms

Love the full-bodied caramel and light oak flavors of this 100 proof bourbon. Bummer the price has skyrocketed so high, but definitely one of my favorites! buen dia no he recibido dicha tequila x que la direccion la pusieron mal mi direccion es 236 central av. Sauderton Pa. 18964