Kah Day of the Dead Tequila Blanco (Ceramic)

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The White bottle is the Blanco, each bottle is hand painted.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Anderson-Osdyke
Very Happy with the Kah Blanco Sugar Skull

My son and his family were still in the process of moving into their new home when we believe their adorable 1 year old tricolored beagle rescue may have gotten a little rambunctious while playing with his equally adorable side-kick, (another adorable black and white beagle mix rescue) knocked over a couple of boxes in the dining room. One of which was packed with several of the sugar skulls my son collects. Unfortunately, three of his most rare sugar skulls got broken. Thank goodness for their fur babies, he is a dog lover! LOL...My son was pretty upset with himself for not having put that particular box in a more secure location, so I have been looking for a Kah Blanco Day of the Dead black and while sugar skull every since, to replace the one that got broken. Finally, after eight months of searching, I found one at Liquor On Broadway in Chula Vista, CA. To my frustration, on the day that the skull was scheduled for delivery, it didn't arrive, even though I received a text from FedEx saying the delivery was complete. I called FedEx, but due to company policy, the person that I spoke with could not tell me anything, other than the package had been returned to the sender. I had placed the order online so hadn't actually spoken to anyone and it was the first time that I had ordered from this particular website, so I was a bit nervous that I may have just been scammed. After a lot of google searches, I finally found a contact number for Liquor On Broadway and called. I spoke with a very nice man who said he didn't know why but FedEx had returned 35 packages to him that same day with no explanation. I told him what I had ordered and since it was very difficult to find, I wanted to know if I needed to reorder it or if it would be sent out for delivery again. The gentleman assured me that I didn't need to do anything, and said he would get it back in the mail the next day. True to his word, I received the skull 4 days later and in excellent condition. The skull is ceramic so could break easily, but thanks to a very conscientious seller, it was packaged extremely well. These particular skulls are not easy to find and can sometimes be so outrageously prices that even if they can be found, they are often so overpriced that I for one can't justify the purchase. The skull that I purchased from LiquorOnBroadway was not cheap by any means, but in comparison to others that I had seen before my son's got broken, it was reasonably priced, so I am very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be ordering from Liquor On Broadway again, should I see either of the other two skulls that got broken that day.

Timothy Watson
Awesome Tequila and very cool bottle

Excellent quality tequila, the bottle is pretty awesome as well.