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Cody G.
Worth the wait

I saw this tequila on a road trip in a Liquor Barn in CA when I was around 21. Not having the money then, I had to pass on it. This bottle has been engrained in my memory ever since... 15+ years ago. One day I started searching and found Liquor on Broadway had it. My dreams came true when this bottle arrived.

I love a good tequila. I have found my new favorite tequila with Stallion Anejo. It starts off with a sweet oaky forward, then rolls into an extremely mild mezcal flavor towards the end. This is one of the smoothest tequilas with flavor I have had. If you're into Whiskey it's much like an Orphan Barrel type. Smooth as hell with multiple flavors.

My only complaint about this... is ironically the bottle. Don't get me wrong, this bottle beats all bottles ever made. But the pour spout wasn't molded with enough of a lip to pour. It dribbles out down the side. I'm going to have to invest in a pour spout. Not taking away stars, because the bottle still kicks ass.

If you love tequila you have to try this. If you hate tequila you have to try this, it may change your perspective.


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Whiskey Perfection

It seems as though whatever the Japanese set their mind to, they perfect. Be it sushi, or beer, or whiskey, or knives, or baseball, or video games. Whether it takes them 10 years, 100 years or 1000 years, their laser focus and incredible work ethic will invariably lead them to perfection.

I used to be a Johnny Walker Blue Label purist, but over the past year Suntory Hibecki Harmony has become my favorite whiskey; with a finish as smooth as a billiard ball, and subtle notes of of vanilla, caramel, and sugar plums sending your palate to taste nirvana. It’s a little sweet- but I like sweet- as I’ve seen the price of a regular bottle go from $70 to $90 to $110 to $135 to sold out in every liquor store.

Just the basic mechanics of supply vs. demand will make this bottle an excellent investment. I’ve already seen it offered at $2400. I purchased this bottle not to drink, but to pass on to my 4 year old daughter as a collectible item for her inheritance. Let’s see if daddy was clever, or an ounce of golf would’ve been a wiser investment.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my entry level Hibiki whiskey. Whether on the rocks, neat, or with a splash of soda or cola… for relaxing times, it’s Suntory times.

Sippin’ good

Smoooooth and sweet. Yummy over ice. Enjoy!

Very responsive

Safe delivery of an outstanding product.


Great whiskey - new promising Scotch company
With great potencial