Hibiki Suntory Time: Taste The Great Of All Japanese Whiskey

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Hibiki Suntory Time: Taste The Great Of All Japanese Whiskey

Hibiki  Suntory 17 year Old Japanese Whiskey. The 17 Year Old aged bottle has been discontinued since September 2018. They have stopped all production, that is why it is a very rare bottle with very few selected stores having it has been very hard to find in todays liquor world however here at liquoronbroadway we have several remaining bottles left. Possibly to be the only store in the City of San Diego. 

Hibiki Suntory is one of the most important blended whisky brand that Japan has to come out yet with and produce. The Hibiki 17 is a rare bottle it rose to its prominence in 2008 by winning the " Best Blended Whisky" award category at The World Whisky Awards. And that was the Year and first time ever that a Japanese Whisky has won such a prestigious prize. Hibiki means 'Harmony' in Japanese. The first thing to take into eye is Hibiki extraordinary bottle. It is a mix of retro 1970 feel and a great whisky decanter. the color of the whisky is dark, amber & to the nose it is fruity. imagine ( dried fruit like sultanas and citrus peel ) and malty (think of sweet grains) there is also some Vanilla. The finish is quite short and I was surprised that it felt so light and thin in my mouth as the nose especially, suggested a more heavier taste. This is a very good whisky that is smooth, velvety & easy to drink that is why is has been an award winner for various years. 


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Good service, poor delivery

Hi, After being sent to San Diego, my order sat there for 5 days. Shop would post “Arrives yesterday”. After I inquired with you , it miraculously was forwarded the next day. Thanks for the assistance.


Very thank you for your customer service. You have a customer


Love the taste thank you

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